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Post Insurrection, Pre Inauguration... Purgatory

A pro-Trump mob tries to force a police barrier in Washington., Photograph: John Minchillo/AP

Join us for our next progressive political discussion this Sunday, January 10 at 2pm EST


Join the Zoom meeting by clicking HERE

or type into your web browser

on Sunday, January 10, by 2pm EST. The room will be open to log in ten minutes before.

Meeting ID: 921 1471 2235

Password: 2XiFuW

* We are considering changing the time of the Sunday classes to 12 noon EST on Sundays to accommodate conflicting schedules with the LRNA Lansing Youth Committee (who have a study group at the same time) as well as those overseas.

We will discuss on Sunday, but for this week the class will continue at 2pm.

Info and propaganda for the discussion:

The weekly email newsletter from the LRNA, Detroit Labor Committee.

The far-right mob that took over the Capitol never would have gotten in if the federal police hadn’t allowed them to storm in. The simple fact is that left-wing protesters get treated with brutality, while right-wing protesters get coddled.

A mob has stormed the U.S. Capitol, using violence to stop the lawful certification of the Electoral College vote.


Want to learn more about what the League of Revolutionaries for a New America

is all about? Check out our Political Resolution, Illuminating the Path to a New America.

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