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Recorded session from 12/13/2020
Commentary from comrade Wylie Rogers relating to last Sunday's class discussions.

(slightly edited for clarity)


I suggest that the committee prepare itself to be alert and take advantage of “teachable moments” which emerge in the course of our discussions. More concretely, there arises in the course of our discussions, questions, examples, disputes, etc. that have great value practically and theoretically, but require more time for a clear and and accurate response. I provide examples below:


First, an important question was raised concerning the revolutionary nature of the working class. Time only allowed  for  a shallow, improvised response to this important question. The group should develop means to ensure that such questions are given the attention they deserve. For example, an assignment could be made for someone to report back with  a developed response that imparts clarity and understanding.


Second, we don’t make good enough use of instances to educate and clarify the connection between theory and practice, as the process of  injecting class consciousness into the mass movement, as facilitating, accelerating the transition from social to class consciousness.


The point I am trying to make here is that the group needs to lay stress on the role of propaganda and the propagandist. Something I think is often underestimated or mis-understood.


 Third, in my opinion there is some confusion on the role of the group and a number of problems related to work in the mass movement. I think the group should view such exchanges as an opportunity to provide clarity on complex problems and commit to follow up on them. Otherwise the discussion may degenerate into unproductive debates and defensive exchanges.

Info Referenced In The Class Discussion:

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