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Constructs Between the Working Class and Race

Recorded session from 2/6/2022



“Labor in the white skin can never free itself as long as labor in the black skin is branded.”

― Karl Marx, Das Kapital

Black History Month: Disarming the Rulers with Our Unity - Rally, Comrades!

The conscious political unity of our diverse working class is necessary for building the power to create a new society, one where our collective social wealth is used to ensure that all of humanity and the earth will thrive. Understanding ...

The Marxist Who Antagonizes Liberals and the Left

Within the world of racial politics, Adolph Reed is the great modern denouncer. His day job, for forty years, was as a political scientist. (He is now emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania.) But by night he has maintained a long-term position, too, as a left-wing lambaster of figures he believes are selling some vision of race for political expediency or profit.

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