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What Is Fascism?

Recorded session from 9/5/2021


Inside: A Future of Fascism or Communism - Rally, Comrades!

Six hundred sixty-six U.S. billionaires have gained over $1 trillion in wealth during the pandemic. These billionaires could pay for all of the relief for working families included in the proposed $1.9 trillion stimulus package. Herein lies the reason capitalists ...


Class Unity - Indispensable to Defeating Fascism Today - Rally, Comrades!

Americans of all colors were stunned to see the Ku Klux Klan and Nazis marching in their cities, but shock turned into outrage, when racists brutally assaulted hundreds of people across the country and murdered Heather Heyer at their "Unite ...


Turning Point in the Fight Against American Fascism - Rally, Comrades!

The spring of 2021 marks an inflection point in America's historic seesaw battle over the future of democracy and freedom. Over 360 pieces of legislation have been introduced to limit, suppress, and overthrow the right to vote in a campaign ...

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