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Struggles of the Working Class

Recorded session from 1/24/2021
Propaganda discussed:




Editorial from Wylie Rogers. 


After analyzing developments surrounding the election and its aftermath, I have come to the conclusion that we are witnessing a reenactment of the successful "Redeemer" strategy employed by the Southern wing of the Democratic Party and its Northern allies to defeat Reconstruction. We are familiar with the results of this victory; the reign of terror and against the freedmen and their white allies by a fascist-like one party state under the banner of white supremacy a system that in the brief period of two decades disenfranchised virtually the whole of the Black population of the South and, in the process nationalized white supremacy in the form of the  "Separate But Equal" doctrine issuing from the SCOTUS’s decision of 1896 (Plessy v. Ferguson).


Apart from history and party labels, the essential differences that this strategy is being deployed at the national rather than the regional level.  The aim is not the overthrow and seizure of power of individual states but of the nation as a whole. What is not different is that the essential aim of this strategy is the disenfranchisement of the black voter, as a key to success.


How else can we explain the steadfast opposition to the election results by 138 Republicans in the House, scores in the Senate and numerous state and local officials across the country? It is obvious that the discrediting of the election results is a sustained coordinated and well financed  campaign of the "Big Lie"  that has borne fruit. It is also obvious that tactics of terror, intimidation and murder will be employed on a wide scale by the contemporary exemplars of the “Red Shirts” and the “White League.”


To succeed against this threat we must identify, expose and attack those class forces that are active in the funding, organizing, and implementing this fascist offensive. To name a few, the Kochs, Mercers, Mellon-Scaifes, Perdues, Leflers, Bradleys,DeVos’s, the Sinclair group, the Wells-Fargo group, innumerable PACs foundations, think tanks, and media networks through which the power, influence and control of these forces are affected.


We must remember that without the financial and political support of elements of Northern capital including banking, commercial, shipping, and textile, and international capital, the “Redeemers” would not have had the arms to mount its successful military/paramilitary and agitprop campaigns.


Most importantly, we must remember from history that the battle for Reconstruction was a battle between two sections of the ruling class for control of the vote of the freedmen. The same is true today.


Biden’s victory and Democratic control of the Senate was due wholly to the black vote as was Trump’s defeat. The Black vote is the life support line of the Democratic Party. 


Make no mistake, the fraction of the ruling class supporting Biden understand well the danger to their interests posed by their class brethren. However, in my opinion, what worries them most is the reliance of the “Trump” wing on the ideological weapon of white supremacy, a reliance which poses a threat to the ruling class as a whole in its national and international aspects. Take note of the fact that the ruling class cannot trust its own security apparatus.


Once again the struggle around the color question exposes the world, a world dominated by people of color, the utter rottenness of U.S.democracy. More importantly, just as in the 1860s so now in the 2020s, a desperate but powerful minority within the U.S ruling class is prepared to put at risk the interest of the whole of the class for its narrow self interest.


In Struggle,



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