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Revolutionary Discourse This Weekend!

Join the League of Revolutionaries For a New America

Detroit Chapter

this weekend for TWO progressive discussions!

This Sunday, February 28th, 9-11am EST, the LRNA-Detroit, Youth, Education, and Culture Committee: International Study Collective will be discussing XI Jinping, The Governance of China (pages 475-499)

Click below for the entire text.

Download PDF • 4.96MB

We will also be referencing this article:

Class is from 9:00 AM-11:00 AM EST.

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 776 4654 0957 Passcode: 3Sbqi7


Then at 12pm EST join the LRNA-Detroit, Labor Committee where over the next several weeks, we will devote a portion of each class to an in depth discussion of developments in digital technology and the implications for the revolutionary process. This week will start with an introduction by comrade Wylie Rogers with the paper, Close Enough to a Jobless Society: Reflections on Historical Materialism and Artificial Intelligence.

Access the entire paper below, as well as supplemental material to be referenced.

Close Enough to a Jobless Society Advancing artificial intelligence (AD and mobile robotics are producing intelligent machines and algorithms that are better 'workers' than humans. The resulting perspective of rising technological unemployment is producing enormous anxiety in the world's society. Capitalism has always created new jobs during the technological revolutions of the past, but many technology experts believe things will be different this time. The paper uses the historical materialism theory to analyze this context and develop some perspectives for the future of capitalism and employment. Two concepts of this theory are used: 'relations of production' and 'development of productive forces'. Concerning the latter, the exponential increase in computer capacity, the advents of the Internet Cloud and Big Data, and the developments in the AI subfield of machine learning are likely to create conditions for the settlement of a new mode of production in a very long—run future. Concerning relations of production, new possibilities of social production and the emergence of new business models and collaborative schemes may catalyze this process, but understanding the trends involved demand intensive research efforts. An extreme scenario of a jobless society is built and analyzed. It provides relevant clues for the risks incurred by society in an alternative, but more realistic, scenario that is close enough to it. The close enough scenario features a situation in which human labor is replaced by intelligent machines and algorithms at a hight rate but not in full, so that even is this case society is led to a collapse of distribution. Strategic paths for society to avoid it are discussed in the end.


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