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If Dr. King was here today, how would he connect to certain societal and economic challenges?

Join the National Welfare Rights Union as we celebrate the King!

Click the pdf for all the info.

MLK for web
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Interested in running for office?


Invitation to suggest speakers, participate in planning of National Dialogue on the George Floyd Rebellion and Police Abolition

The LRNA Secretariat's Rebellion 2020 Working Group is planning a National Dialogue on the revolutionary potential of Police Abolition and Defunding the Police. We are forming a planning committee for the Dialogue. Are you involved in work around police violence, abolition or defunding? Do you have contacts in your area you would suggest as speakers?


The rebellion national dialogue brings together active revolutionaries from outside of LRNA to share thinking, goals, and political education. The dialogue will convey the potential of where we are headed and facilitate recruitment of new members. The content will focus on police terror/violence and the defund/abolish the police movements.

If you are interested in being part of the planning and/or if you have recommended speakers, please reach out to Kimberly at at your earliest convenience.


Join us for our next progressive political discussion this Sunday, January 17 at 12pm EST


Join the Zoom meeting by clicking HERE

or type into your web browser

on Sunday, January 17, by 12pm EST. The room will be open to log in ten minutes before.

Meeting ID: 921 1471 2235

Password: 2XiFuW

Info and propaganda for the discussion can be found in The Weekly DISPATCH


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