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Darnell Summers Seeks Safe Passage to Germany After Facing Police Terrorism During His Detroit Visit

Comrade, film-maker, musician, Vietnam veteran and regular contributor to our Sunday online classes, Darnell Summers has been terrorized by the state for over 52 years. On his recent trip to the Detroit area to work on production for his current film project, "No End in Site," he was harassed by Michigan State Police in Inkster, while he was at a gas station with his son. His cell phone was seized and a DNA sample was taken at the station as authorities are "still seeking to re-charge him for the murder of MSP Detective Robert Gonser in Inkster on Aug. 8, 1968. Charges against Summers were twice dismissed 'without prejudice' (meaning they could be brought again) in 1969 and again in 1984 after both prosecution eyewitnesses recanted." (Voice of Detroit)

A press conference will be held at Detroit Metro Airport today at 3:30pm EST, as Summers attempts to safely return to his home in Berlin.

Read the entire statement from STOP MASS INCARCERATION NETWORK

(L to R) John Sinclair (White Panther Party) , Darnell Summers, and the late Bernard Stroble (Shango of the Attica Brothers.)

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